The Political Forums - Stats
1 The Political Forums
The Political Forums are a member-run message board discussing the latest news and politics.
Category: Forums | Movement: Neutral
This Week 1086
Average 1464.4
Andrew Jackson Speaks: Indian Removal Policy - Stats
2 Andrew Jackson Speaks: Indian Removal Policy
In 1830, Andrew Jackon pushed through the Indiam Removal Act. The result was the Cherokee Trail of Tears and the forced relocation of all eastern Indians to points west of the Mississippi river.
Category: History | Movement: Up
This Week 221
Average 131.8
Chief Seattle's Ecology Speech - Stats
3 Chief Seattle's Ecology Speech
A study in the misrepresentation of history. Chief Seattle has it all: mis-quoting an incomplete record of events; Hollywood manipulation of events for screen purposes; political reframing to serve an agenda; projection of cultural prejudice.
Category: History | Movement: Down
This Week 92
Average 131.1

Stuck in Fiji Mud. - Stats
4 Stuck in Fiji Mud.
Progressive analysis of Fiji sociopolitical news.
Category: Cultures | Movement: Neutral
This Week 35
Average 51.7
'Our Scotland' Forums - Stats
5 'Our Scotland' Forums
Scottish and Global Politics Forum, with a Pro-Independence bias. the Leading Scottish Politics forum, with over 500 members and rising!
Category: Forums | Movement: Down
This Week 3
Average 50.8
brand resistant - Stats
6 brand resistant
Progressive t-shirt designs that are brand free, sweatshop free and carbon neutral. Evloving from environmental, social and political passion we hope to use the power of words and images to effect change. No labels. Just opinions.
Category: Graphics | Movement: Neutral
This Week 41
Average 41.5
Au piranha tondeur - Stats
7 Au piranha tondeur
I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. This is a place where thoughts are aired unreservedly free from any linguistic or cultural barriers.
Category: Blogs | Movement: Neutral
This Week 10
Average 31.1
Anti-Bush Gear Headquarters - Stats
8 Anti-Bush Gear Headquarters
Pissed off Anti-Bush Shirts for a pissed off Anti-Bush Nation. We are the in your face, gloves off, pull no punches, politically incorrect Anti-Bush T-Shirt Headquarters. There are 2.5 more years to deal with W. We are dedicated to doing it hard.
Category: Graphics | Movement: Down
This Week 15
Average 28.1
God Is A Dyke - Stats
9 God Is A Dyke
From a New thought "What if God was One of Us?" The Journal~ings of a True Warrior Goddess Today is the day WE Womyn set our Minds free no longer being held captive to a one designed process of Thinking condemned by restraints, slay your thoughts
Category: Blogs | Movement: Neutral
This Week 8
Average 26.8
Critical Thinkers :: bell hooks - Stats
10 Critical Thinkers :: bell hooks
Feminist, anti-racist, social commentator, academic and, wait for it, author of children's books. This page provides a bibliography and annotated links to articles, reviews, fan pages, forums and other bell hooks resources.
Category: Thinkers | Movement: Neutral
This Week 15
Average 24.4
Critical History :: 19th C. American Westward Expansion - Stats
11 Critical History :: 19th C. American Westward Expansion
Chronicles American westward expansion with historic milestones for every year in the 19th century. With scads of offsite links to supporting documents and additional content.
Category: History | Movement: Neutral
This Week 7
Average 19
Peace and Love Shop - Stats
12 Peace and Love Shop
Peace and inspiration for those living toward a kinder, gentler world, whether globally, locally or personally.
Category: Graphics | Movement: Neutral
This Week 11
Average 17.3
In Coherence - Stats
13  In Coherence
Crawling out of the Mainstream Media cave and making sense of the blooming buzzing digital confusion. In depth analysis of US, Canadian and World Politics.
Category: Blogs | Movement: Neutral
This Week 5
Average 15.7
Critical Thinkers :: Buddha - Stats
14 Critical Thinkers :: Buddha
A richly annotated links page on Buddha and Buddhism. Includes suggested reading and more.
Category: Thinkers | Movement: Neutral
This Week 6
Average 15.3
Critical Thinkers :: Lao Tse - Stats
15 Critical Thinkers :: Lao Tse
Lao Tse, a central figure in the development of Daoism, authored The Dao de Jing, perhaps the most concise, poetic book of wisdom ever written. This richly annotated web resource also includes a wide-ranging bibliography.
Category: Thinkers | Movement: Neutral
This Week 7
Average 13.1

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